Mega-effective set of exercises for weight loss

Mega-effective set of exercises for weight loss

Mega-effective set of exercises for weight loss in the abdomen and sides. Remove the sides at home.
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Losing weight for many is a difficult task that requires a huge amount of time and strong willpower. However, for almost all losing weight, the greatest difficulty is losing weight in the abdominal area. When a person successfully reduces weight, the fat seems to go from anywhere, but not from the sides. Consider the exercises that will help remove the stomach at home.

Is it possible to quickly remove excess weight from the abdomen and sides at home?
Effective set of gymnastic exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides
Twisting (photo)
Video: Twisting the body on the press
Lifting the body lying on the back (for women and men)
Leg lift lying down (suitable for warm-up)
Exercise ” scissors»
Exercise on the press “elbow-knee”
Video: Easy version of oblique twists “knee-elbow”
Video: Complex version of oblique twists “knee-elbow”
Plank-classic and side (the most effective exercise to pump up the muscles of the press)
Classic plank
Side plank
Cardio exercises to do for weight loss
Skipping rope
Jumping technique
Video: 10 skipping rope exercises
Running on the spot at home
Training on the stationary bike
When should I replace running with an exercise bike?
Exercise technique
Types of exercise
Strength exercise
Squats with weights
Lunges – “spring”
Cross lunges
Bulgarian attacks
Deadlifts with a barbell
Types of deadlift

Is it possible to quickly remove excess weight from the abdomen and sides at home?
Some people think that losing weight at home is an impossible task, you need to attract a lot of specialists: a nutritionist, trainer, massage therapist; buy expensive nutrition courses and training plans.

In fact, if the problem is not in any disease, you can cope with weight loss yourself, only by making some effort and using the knowledge that we will give you today.

For effective weight loss at home, for the formation of a narrow waist and a flat stomach, the best option is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic loads, that is, you need to alternate strength and cardio training. In addition, 1-2 times a week it makes sense to purposefully pump the abdominal muscles.

Thus, training at home for weight loss should look something like this:

2 times a week cardio training
2 times a week strength training
1-2 times a week pumping the press (separately or in a complex of both strength training and cardio)
And what kind of exercises are included in these types of training, and how to perform them, we will describe in detail later.

Effective set of gymnastic exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides
Let’s start with abs training. There are a lot of exercises for pumping the abdominal muscles. Some believe that some exercises are more effective than others, but in fact, even familiar and long-familiar exercises give good results if you do them regularly and follow the correct technique.

Twisting (photo)
Twisting on the press is an exercise familiar from childhood, but usually everyone did it for speed, without thinking about how correctly it is performed.

Twists can be performed with straight legs or raised, and they can either be placed on a hill, such as a bench, or held in the air. The last option will be the most difficult. This exercise is suitable for both women and men.

Twisting on the press
The most difficult version of the twisting exercise is to perform them while keeping your feet in the air
Exercise technique:

Lie on your back.
Hands can be held behind the head, on the chest, or left along the body. If you are a beginner, you can stretch your arms along the body and slightly stick to the hips — this is the easiest option. If you cross your arms over your chest, the exercise will become a little more difficult. And if we want to make this exercise as difficult as possible, we should put our hands behind our heads.
We either put our feet on the floor bent at the knees, or put them on a hill, or hold them in the air.
Lower back pressed to the floor.
We take a deep breath and exhale, starting to curl, lifting the shoulder blades off the floor.
With an inspiration, we fall back and relax.
Twisting exercise technique
Repeat 20-25 times. 3-4 approaches will be enough.

Lifting the body lying on the back (for women and men)
Lifting the body is an excellent exercise for developing and strengthening the rectus abdominis muscles.

Lie on your back.
We bend our legs at the knees and put them shoulder-width apart. The feet do not need to be lifted off the floor during the exercise (this often happens because the legs serve as a counterweight and “try to help you get up”), so you can immediately fix them: slip them under the sofa, ask someone to hold them, etc.
We put our hands behind our heads or cross them on our chest. If you are a beginner, you can extend your arms behind your head and bring them forward when lifting.
Please note: you do not need to put your hands on your head or neck.
The back is tightly pressed to the surface. Minimize the natural deflection in the lower back.
Take a deep breath and exhale with a round back lift the body.
At the top point, you should exhale as much as possible, strain the muscles of the press and stay for 2-3 seconds.
After that, on the inhale, we go down and relax.
You need to repeat 15-20 times, 3-4 approaches will be enough.

Of course, the muscles of the press quickly adapt to any load, and this exercise should be performed in combination with others or periodically replaced.

Leg lift lying down (suitable for warm-up)
For example, twisting or lifting the body can be alternated with lifting the legs lying down. This exercise allows you to pump up the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle.

Leg lift lying down
All leg lift exercises will always be harder for the abs than twists or upper body lifts
Exercise technique:

Lie on your back. Legs extended. Hands along the body.
When lifting the legs, the back often tries to take the load on itself, so to minimize this phenomenon, put your hands under the buttocks and hold them there during the entire exercise.
Take a deep breath and exhale, lift your feet off the floor.
Raise your legs to the perpendicular with the floor, hold this position for a few seconds and start slowly, feeling the abdominal muscles, lower your legs.
At the lower point, it is desirable not to touch the surface, so that the load is constant.
Leg lift lying down
Technique of the exercise lifting the legs lying down
For a beginner, this method may seem quite difficult, so it makes sense to perform alternate lifting of the legs. With an exhalation, we raise one leg to an angle of 45-60 degrees, hold it and slowly lower it. When the first foot touches the floor, you can lift the second.

Do not confuse this exercise with reverse twists. When lifting the legs, as we described above, we end the exercise with the feet perpendicular to the floor. In reverse twists at the top point, you need to lift the buttocks off the floor and twist the lower part of the body a little more. It looks like this:

Reverse twists
Don’t confuse reverse twists and leg lifts. These are different exercises

exercise “scissors”
This exercise has some similarities with the previous one, and it is probably familiar to many.

Exercise technique:

Lie on your back.
The legs are stretched out, the arms are at the side of the body.
In this case, the hands can also be placed under the buttocks to remove excessive load from the lower back.
We raise our legs to the level of 45-60 degrees and begin to make horizontal cross movements.
Repeat a certain number of times and lower your feet to the floor. Relax. Then repeat.
exercise technique scissors
These approaches should be repeated 4-5, each 15-20 times.

This exercise can be performed in a large amplitude, not just crossing the legs, but spreading them widely to the sides, then bringing them together and then crossing them.

Another variant of the exercise is scissors with leg dilution
And another version of this exercise is not horizontal crosses, but vertical swings.

Version of the exercise scissors with vertical swings

Exercise on the press ” elbow-knee»
There are two options for this exercise in the area of the muscles being worked out: straight and oblique muscles of the press. As well as several options with different complexity.

Exercise technique:

Lie on your back.
Take your hands behind your head.
The legs can be in one of four positions: be bent at the knees and stand on the floor or stretched out to lie on the floor (easy); lie on a hill (easy); or they can be held in the air (difficult).
The goal of this exercise is to reach your elbows to your knees.
We make simultaneous twisting of both the body and legs, that is, we strive to connect them in the middle.
If we work with straight muscles, our task is to touch both elbows to both knees.
Exercise on the press “elbow-knee”
Version of the exercise for the rectus muscles of the press
If you want to work out the oblique muscles, then you should touch the opposite elbow and knee.
Exercise on the press “elbow-knee”
When we work out the oblique and serrated muscles of the press, it is necessary to touch the opposite elbow and knee
If the legs lie on a hill, then the twist is performed to a greater extent by counting the upper part of the body, the lower part is fixed, so the exercise is easy and suitable for beginners.
Also an easy option — when you lift your feet and put them back on the floor.
The most difficult option is when the legs are twisted together with the body, that is, you pull them up to you, and then straighten them, but do not touch the floor with your feet.
The number of repetitions from 15 to 25, 3-4 sets will be enough.

plank — classic and side (the most effective exercise to pump up the muscles of the press)
Plank exercise, according to research, is one of the top ten exercises on the press. And for the oblique abdominal muscles, it shows itself most effectively.

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