The most effective exercises for slimming

The most effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides for women

The most effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides for women

The real reason for the appearance of excess weight
When is it better to train?
7 effective exercises for weight loss sides
Easy way to get started today
Before moving on to solutions, let’s look at the real causes of the problem…

A girl’s flat stomach

3 main problems with belly fat…
10 most effective exercises for fat on the stomach and sides
1. Book
2. Bicycle
3. Russian twists
4. Touching socks
5. Superman
6. Plank with a jump
7. A variation of the touch socks
8. Classic twists
30-day complex for press tone
How to get rid of excess belly fat-a comprehensive guide!
Eat wisely
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Accept the challenge
3 main problems with belly fat…
When it comes to excess weight, people who want to get rid of it face 3 main problems.

#1. Very stubborn
Speaking of “stubborn fat folds” in 99% of cases, people mean exactly the stomach and “ears” on the sides. This is because it is where deposits accumulate first when a person gains weight, and it is from there that they leave last.

And it’s infuriating.

Especially if you are on a diet and doing exercises “as expected”, but the sides still do not fall off. This is really the most problematic place.

#2. Dangerous
Almost every dangerous disease known to mankind is somehow associated with too large a waist circumference. Here’s a quick list of what goes along with or depends on being overweight:

there are more than 300,000 fatalities associated With obesity each year
Heart diseases and strokes
High blood pressure
Gallbladder diseases and gallstones
Breathing problems such as sleep apnea, asthma, and others
Joint pain
And much more
Abdominal or visceral fat should cause much more concern than in any other parts of the body.

In addition to having an attractive flat stomach without it, it also has a positive effect on overall health.

#3. People who try to remove their belly and sides tend to do it WRONG
The real problem is that when most people start to struggle with stubborn unwanted fat, they focus on the wrong things altogether.

Of course, it is important to choose effective exercises for weight loss at home, but in the world of health and fitness, 80% of success depends on diet, while only 20% can be recorded on the account of exercises. This is an important 20%, but you need to really evaluate the ratio.

If you eat a dozen biscuits at lunch, and then at home in the evening do a couple of twists on the press, it is unlikely that you should expect a beautiful press in the foreseeable future.

The most effective exercises for slimming

These are the facts.

If now you are interested in: “Okay, so what do I have?»

We have a short video with tips for more effective weight management.

Okay, now it’s time to find out what are the exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides at home for women that can be performed with their own weight without dumbbells and simulators.

10 most effective exercises from fat on the stomach and sides

Train the ability to get out of the kitchen!

Yes, you were not mistaken; this is the first and most effective of all belly slimming exercises for women. I want to make sure you read this, just in case you decide to scroll straight to the training complex.

80% diet. 20% exercise. Don’t forget about it!

now try the first set of the proposed in this article, it consists of 8 best exercises to big compound exercises everyone should do  fat from the stomach and get the muscles of the press.

1. Knihkupectvi owner
Start with a prone position on the floor or gym Mat and slowly raise your hands to your knees so that your body forms a V. Tighten your abs and use your body strength to keep your balance in this position.

Hold it as long as possible.

Repeat the movement as many times per minute as you can.

2. Bicycle
Exercise ” Bicycle”

This is the world’s # 1 effective abs exercise!

the Only thing to watch out for is whether you’re moving too fast while doing it.

Do each repetition SLOWLY and carefully.

Start with 3 sets of 35 reps for each leg.

Bring the number to 50 on each side.

3. Russian twists
Russian twist

the biggest mistake people make when doing this exercise is that they don’t keep their back flat. Try to keep your back as straight as possible and don’t fall on your sides.

If you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, practice in front of a mirror.

Keep your back straight and your chest forward.

If in this form it is too “easy”, pick up a weight of 2-3 kilograms.

Exercise: Start with 3 sets to get a total of 20 repetitions (move slowly). Then you can take a dumbbell.

4. Touching socks
Touching socks with twists

This exercise should make you feel the lower and upper abs.

Stretch your arms towards the ceiling, your back should be firmly pressed against the Mat.

Remember to keep your lower back pressed to the floor during the entire exercise.

Reach out and try to touch your socks (if you can’t, it’s okay, just reach as high as possible), then return to the starting position, this is one repetition.

Repeat the movement as many times as you can within one minute.

5. Superman
The Superman

Fat back movement is as sexy as a pair of bright yellow rubber flip-flops.

Do not neglect the back, it also forms a line.

While lying on your stomach, raise your arms and legs as high as you can for 30 seconds at the same time. If this is relatively easy for you, try to hold the position for 1 minute.

Exercise: Start with 4 sets, so that you get a total of 10 repetitions.

6. Plank with a jump
Plank with a jump

Start with a stop lying down and, closing your feet, just jump so that your knees are first on one side, then on the other side of the elbows, then return to the starting position.

Change sides with each jump.

Make sure that your abs are tight during the exercise.

Repeat the movement as many times as you can for a minute.

7. A variation of the touch socks
Twists with the touch of socks

Start from the position of lying on the floor.

Raise your arm and simultaneously lift the opposite leg.

The second leg is bent at the knee and rest on the floor for support, keep the muscles of the press in tension.

Repeat the movement as many times as you can within one minute.

8. Classic twists
Normal twists on the press

I Think we all know how twists are performed… Make sure to tighten your abs as you move up.

Focus more on using your body than on the number of repetitions.

A slow and well-executed twist is more effective than fast, ragged repetitions.

Perform the movement as many times as you can in one minute.

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